Lice Removal Serving North Branch MN


cootie queen lice clinic minnesotaAt The Cootie Queen we know having a pediculus humanus capitis infestation can be maddening.  If you are in the North Branch area and you or your child has contracted those nasty little buggers, we provide safe head lice treatment you can rely on without the worry of using common over-the-counter or prescription products that often contain pesticides or other potentially harmful ingredients.  Anyone can become a victim, and unfortunately many of the traditional solutions used over the years simply aren’t as effective as they once were.  Who wants to deal with harsh chemicals, repeat applications, and results that may or may not be what you expected?

Today, natural lice removal is becoming a far more popular solution not only for parents, but camps and pediatricians as well.  All it takes to be rid of those pesky bugs is an hour or two of your time, depending on hair length and severity of infestation.  Our head lice clinic provides a comfortable, relaxed environment in which certified technicians combine the use of organic, natural products with a unique comb-out process that leaves you or your child bug-free!  No more hassle or stress, and peace of mind.

While it would seem that over the decades a “cure” would have been found for this irritating condition, it’s just as common today as ever.  Head lice easily spread from one person to another through the sharing of brushes, combs, and other hair accessories, and even by touching heads which is a common practice when taking “selfies.”  Our non chemical head lice treatment is exceptional, allowing you to put the stress behind you and get on with your day.  If you are a North Branch resident and in search of a one treatment lice solution, give Cootie Queen a call today at 651-964-5720.