How Do We Get Rid of Lice?


Size of Head Lice

At The Cootie Queen in Wyoming, MN, we serve Forest Lake, MN and towns throughout Chisago, Washington, Anoka, and Isanti counties. We provide effective solutions for those who have head lice and are looking for safe, proven removal.  Unlike over-the-counter products containing insecticides or pesticides, we use natural products that those little bugs find offensive, along with an effective and proven combing technique to ensure complete removal of every last trace of lice and their nits (eggs).

Quick and Effective

Unlike with traditional products that often involve repeat applications and a long, drawn-out process, our safe head lice treatment requires only a single application in most cases, and takes approximately an hour and 45 minutes of your time.  Natural reactionary enzymes are effective, a chemical free way to eradicate those nasty cooties in a way that is fast, painless, and easy.  A single visit to our head lice clinic and you can be on your way, no follow-up treatment required!

Safe for the Entire Family

lice-freeBecause we rely on a non-chemical treatment solution, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that whether treatment is for your child or yourself there are no harsh chemicals or potentially dangerous ingredients involved.  Gentler on the skin, no skin irritation, and those pesky buggers are gone once and for all.  This truly is a one treatment solution you can trust for outstanding results.

Today, pediatricians and camps children attend highly recommend our natural lice treatment for those who want to get rid of head lice immediately, and in a way that is proven effective and safe.  At The Cootie Queen serving the greater Wyoming/Forest Lake, MN area, our job is to get rid of what “bugs” you!  Contact us today for exceptional service and results.

We serve a 50 mile radius area around Forest Lake, and many of our clients drive over an hour to receive care from a trained professional.