Minnesota Head Lice Treatment

Serving Wyoming, Forest Lake and Chisago, Washington, Anoka and Isanti Counties



Lice Reproduction Cycle

The Cootie Queen in Wyoming, MN serves Forest Lake and surrounding counties. We understand how frustrating it can be when you discover you or your child has a pediculus humanus capitis (lice) infestation.  We provide those in search of a one treatment lice solution with real results, without the need for potentially dangerous OTC products often containing pesticides or other harsh chemicals.  Traditional products are messy, require repeat applications, and often ineffective today against those “super” bugs, head lice that have developed an immunity to ingredients that were once effective.

Our non-chemical removal treatment involves the use of natural reactionary enzymes that when combined with a thorough comb out eliminates those pesky bugs and their nits fast.  In fact, our technicians require only about an hour or two of your time, making it convenient to get rid of lice so you can move on with your life.  This condition is certainly frustrating and stressful, however the natural solutions available today stop those “cooties” in their tracks!  Children and teens are frequently in crowded environments with others their age, which put them at greater risk of an infestation.  Those “selfies” they take with their cell phones in which heads are touching?  The perfect way to share those little bugs!

Children and adults can become victims; all it takes is touching heads with someone who is infested, or sharing a brush or comb.  Our natural treatment is trusted by pediatricians and completely safe for any member of the family.  Don’t waste your money on products that may or may not work, and that may contain insecticides!  At The Cootie Queen our safe head lice treatment is all you need to be rid of those nasty buggers for good.  Contact us today!

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